Egg’s Dye for 30 eggs RED

Prepare for Easter according to tradition, and dye your eggs during Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday with different colour Egg’s Colorings.

For a perfect result follow the instructions below:

The eggs must have room temperature.

Wash eggs well and boil at low temperature to avoid breaking.

Take boiled eggs out and allow for them to reach room temperature.

Put 1.5lt of lukewarm water (30 Celsius or 86 Fahrenheit degrees) in a pan, 4 table spoons of vinegar made from wine, the egg dye and stir vigorously.

Place the well boiled eggs in the pan with the solution you have prepared in one layer and allow ONLY 3 MINUTES in the dye.

Then take them out and allow for them to dry very well.

In the same dye you paint the remaining eggs as well.

Good luck!

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