Kritharaki or Orzo for Italians, it is a form of short-cut pasta, shaped like a large grain of rice. Made with pure ingredients from Laconian land it can be served alone, as a soup accompaniment, as part of a salad or pilaf or giouvetsi or baked in a casserole.

This pasta is very popular in Greece especially, although it is used in other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern nations. Its size and boiling time make it ideal for culinary experiments. It comes from semolina wheat, which makes orzo to retain resilience throughout the cooking process, ever after being baked or simmered in a stew, and it has a very pleasant clear flavor and chewy mouthfeel. You can use three cups of water per cup of pasta. Store in an air tight container. Ready in 6 min!

Ingredients: 180g sheep’s milk and 4 fresh eggs/kg of dry product, flour, semolina, 2% salt

Weight: 450gr

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