Organic farming. Cultivation Area:Vegoritida Lake, Florina Perfecture.Cultivation: At an altitude of about 540m to 600m the fields extend around the Vegoritida lake. The climate is influenced by its geographical position with cold winters, high precipitation and snow. the average annual temperature of 11,5 celsius positively affects the microclimate of the neighbouring areas. The medium beans have small oval shape and white color. The well adapted variety to the microclimate conditions of the area make this bean delicious, soft and high nutritional.Tasting: buttery texture and rich aroma, thin-skinned, easy to prepare. Excellent for soups and salads.

Nutritional Value per 100g: Calories 336/1406 Kcal/KJ Total Fat 1.18g Saturated Fat 0g Total Carbohydrate 62.25g Sugars 3g Proteins 21.11g Salt 0.03g

Weight: 400gr

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