Since 1856, Trikalinos Family produces and trades Grey Mullet Bottarga, known in Greece as Avgotaraho, which is a delicacy of cured mullet roe.

The 5 generations’ experience is guaranteed by ISO and HACCP Accreditations and has globally & domestically been awarded both in taste, as well as in luxurious packaging Competitions. Furthermore, the medical researches held on Trikalinos Bottarga has shown early positive results concerning its health benefits, with possible positive effects against cardiovascular diseases and thrombosis.

Trikalinos Bottarga (Avgotaracho), has been suggested by international food journalists as the alternative to Caviar, listed by famous Spanish Chef, Ferran Adria, as one of the 30 Best and most valuable nourishments of the World and is constantly being the secret ingredient of the top Chefs around the globe.

Weight: 1kg. It can be also sold according to the preferred quantity.

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