Zoi relocated to Dubai in 2012 with her husband and 2 daughters. With its bright city lights, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and friendly people, she knew that the family would quickly settle into the appealing life Dubai had to offer.

Zoi found it very easy to find almost everything in Dubai’s globalized market. Originating from Greece Zoi was naturally keen to find some of the tastes she had grown up with but soon realized that almost all the food products which were available at the large supermarkets were imported, albeit well-known brands.

Being a food connoisseur, she was not satisfied with the taste of factory-produced, mass-marketed foods, not least because of the poor quality ingredients that were used in their manufacturing. Zoi knew that most mass-produced food contains too much sugar and salt, highly processed fillers, preservatives and artificial colours and flavourings. So, she decided to start importing food from Greece for both her family and friend’s consumption as she was keen to share her passion for tasty, hand-made, healthy food. With more and more people wanting to get their hands on her products, Zoi quickly realized there was a market for quality, homemade and organic products in Dubai. This marked the beginning of Zois Fine Food.

Zois Fine Food was thus established in 2014 with the objective of sourcing and delivering the finest products from Greece to customers in Dubai. Backed by her expert knowledge of food and traditional cooking, Zois Fine Food now brings the best and freshest tastes of Greece to Dubai which includes a vast array of exquisite products, from the finest oil, cheese, honey and pasta to honey, jam, olives, vinegar and a range of delicatessen products.

All Zois products contain pure ingredients and are HACCP certified. Zois Fine Food is available via online delivery and through selected stockists

Our Story

I grew up in an idyllic village in southern Greece surrounded by fields and mountains. With its small, white cottages and winding river, it was reminiscent of a picture postcard. The winters were crisp and cool and against a backdrop of crystal-clear, icy mountains, I experienced a life of purity in every sense of the word. As the winters drew to an end, the vibrant and colourful spring and summers, with their abundance of beautiful aromas added to my unspoiled existence. Summertime brought a lively buzz to my village as workers descended with their families to help local producers gather their crops. It was a fiesta for all the children amid the variety of cultural events dedicated to the variety of summer fruits and vegetables produced in the village.

I remember with great fondness, my grandfather’s small garden, which he still to this very day lovingly tends to. It was a garden with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. The peaches he grew were undoubtedly the best I had ever tasted. His strawberries were small, sweet and deep red, the way they should be. My grandmother had a small farm where she reared chickens so we were lucky enough to have fresh eggs every day, as well as home-made bread and feta cheese. In true entrepreneurial spirit, she used to exchange some of the food she produced for other products such as flour, olive oil and milk from the local villagers. My grandmother quickly acquired a reputation for her home-made dried tagliatelle (‘chylopita’ in Greek) which took no less than one week to make! My grandmother’s ability to transform every ingredient she touched allowed us to experience home-made fruit preserves, vinegar, and pickles to salted sardines and cheese pies. Not surprisingly, my grandmother’s home-made delicacies had a positive and memorable impact on my life.

I am lucky enough to have grown up with all these wonderful tastes and aromas from Greek traditions and I thank my Grandparents from whom I have learned every single aspect of food production. From cultivating the land through to the final dish on my dinner table, I learned what real, pure taste and flavour are and I am proud to have carried on this wonderful legacy with my own family and children to this day.